Marble countertops offer a classy and attractive finish to your kitchen. Marble requires regular care to maintain its sheen and prevent staining.

Here's how to keep your marble countertops beautiful and functional for years to come:

Your marble installer should professionally seal the countertop upon installation. Sealing will prevent liquids from penetrating into the porous surface of the marble, where they can't easily be mopped up.

Sealant degrades naturally over time, so every year or so you should be sure to check it. Because you don't want to damage the marble seal or abrade the surface of the stone, use a soft cloth (microfiber cleaning cloths work well) and a PH-neutral cleaner when you clean your countertops.

Marble is more porous than granite, and will need special attention during the sealing phase. The color of your marble countertops can also have a big effect on your cleaning routines, because while white marble will naturally show stains more vividly, darker colors may highlight smudges and fingerprints when they're at a high polish.

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