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Tyson Central in Virginia

United States2019

Quantity: 2,000 M2

Materials: Wallis Quartz, etc.

The Zurich North American Headquarters

United States2015

Quantity: 6,000 M2

Materials: Jet Mist Granite, etc.

Trujillo Temple


Quantity: 20,000 M2

Materials: Branco Ceara Granite, etc.

Costanera Center


Quantity: 10,000 M2

Materials: Jet Mist Granite, etc.

Hawaii Monument

United States2009

Quantity: 100 M2

Materials: Hebei Black Granite, etc.

Newark Countertop

United States2009

Quantity: 2,000 M2

Materials: White Jade Quartz, Colored Glaze Gold Quartz, etc.


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One-Stop Service Supplier

One-Stop Service Supplier

Established in 1999, JSC Stone is one of China's major stone companies specializing in the production and supply of stone for many commercial projects and high end residential projects. Our two main factories and long-term partnerships with a large number of quarries around the globe and other stone factories in China allow us to offer a diversified range of products, such as granite, marble, basalt, sandstone, and artificial stone. With over twenty years of combined experience and knowledge in the stone industry, we can also offer custom designs and OEM services.

Quality products, considerate service and quick delivery of orders (7-10 days) have made JSC Stone a preferred stone supplier for clients around the world. Thus far, we have exported our basalt stone, yellow onyx marble, sandstone and other stone products to over 50 countries, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, the USA, Mexico, and UAE, to name a few.