A white countertop contributes to the amount of diffuse light in a space, adding energy to your kitchen or bathroom. And far from being a one-size-fits-all color, white granite comes in many patterns which can accentuate the architecture or other fixtures in your room.

Five Popular shades of white granite - Stone Blog

Here are some favorite patterns of white granite:

Alaska White Granite: This granite has large patches of cooler whites and grays, and clouds of pale ashy gray, all interspersed with tighter clusters of darker grays and blacks. With a visually dramatic but also subdued feel, these white granite countertops would pair excellently with a darker palette in the kitchen.

Moon White Granite: While from a distance this may resemble the tight flecks of television snow, when viewed up close it reveals itself to be a beautiful tumult of whites and dove grays, peppered with punctuation-like dashes of charcoal gray. It offers a surprising self-contained intensity.

River White Granite: This granite works excellently as white granite countertops in places where a large granite surface can be installed, so that it can fully display its larger-scale patterns.

White Ice Granite: A beautiful marble-like granite, this material offers strata of pale blue-grey which can crackle into a thunderstorm blue at the edges.

Colonial White Granite: The pale off-white of fine letterhead, this granite is speckled with dark particles which can take on an almost windblown patterning. It would fit well into a minimalist design.

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