Light-colored countertops can be bold. You can combine them with white cabinets to create a sleek, contemporary look. The trick is to work with a granite fabricator in JSC Stone to find a light-colored countertop material that is as durable and sturdy as it is stunning. If you are looking into countertop colors, take a look at these tough, light-colored countertops which are available through a top granite fabricator in JSC Stone:

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Granite is a beloved countertop material because it is incredibly durable and available in an array of stunning colors, including an array of whites and grays. You might also want to consider the Bianco Romano Granite, which has a surface with a greater sense of motion, or the White Ice granite, which offers a definite sense of drama.

Marble is another countertop material that comes in amazingly awesome shades of white and gray, and it also offers a tough surface. In addition to marble's all-natural spectacular beauty, it can also withstand a lot of heat. You might also want to consider classic cut of Carrara White Honed marble.

While it is true that natural stones such as granite, marble and soapstone are crafted to stand the test of time as countertops, it is also true that there are other light-colored countertop materials that offer a certain amount of durability. These include Super White Quartzite, which looks like a natural stone but is actually engineered to be stronger than both marble and granite (but not by much). Quartz countertops are non-porous, hygienic and look sleek and slick.

To learn more about how you can incorporate tough, light countertop materials into your kitchen, contact the granite fabricator in China (which also happens to specialize in marble and quartz countertops) at JSC Stone.

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