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Liljencrantz is an excellent design studio from Stockholm, Sweden. Their design works all reflect the pursuit of materials and craftsmanship. Durable materials and good craftsmanship all reflect their grasp of details. Over the years, they have developed a unique style with a distinct personality that makes their work memorable.

Scandinavia Apartment

Located in the center of Stockholm, Sweden, this apartment is built by liljenclantz design studio, presenting a warm and elegant atmosphere as a whole. In the space, many warm color elements are adopted to give people a warm visual feeling. At the same time, log materials are also widely used, reflecting the natural and simple temperament and bringing users a good living experience.

The layout of the kitchen and restaurant looks simple and generous. The colors are mainly light color and log color, giving people the impression of cleanliness and purity. The dark wood rectangular dining table looks calm and solemn. Above the dining table, the chandelier with a sense of design brings warm lights to the space and creates a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Milky white kitchen, with theout too much decoration, reflects freehand beauty of the space.

In the bathroom, the layout is reasonable and beautiful, giving people a comfortable experience. The light marble wash table looks very simple, reflecting the unique beauty. The use of wood materials is very appropriate, and the exquisite texture shows an elegant temperament.

Other masterpieces

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