This apartment is built by Quadro room studio, covering an area of 174 square meters. The designer creates an advanced effect through simple color and decoration. The unique and full of design makes the space reflect the beauty.

In the living room space, the combination of gray and white creates a pure feeling. The shape of the sofa is very chic. The design of floor to ceiling windows introduces sufficient light into the space to create a transparent effect.

Similar colors continue in the kitchen space. The design of Zhongdao platform is beautiful and practical, and the patterns on the background wall create an artistic and abstract beauty. The shape of the dining chair is simple and fashionable.

In the bedroom, comfortable fabrics cover the entire area of the bedroom, providing customers with a warm and comfortable resting space. The addition of metal details enhances the overall texture of the space. The plants on the bedside table add natural aesthetics to this modern minimalist life, and the clever design of the cloakroom facilitates the storage and retrieval of clothes.

The marble vanity in the bathroom is combined with the metal frame mirror to show the exquisite details of the space. Large-area floor-to-ceiling windows and blinds are designed to allow people to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while bathing, while ensuring privacy, comfort and comfort.


QUADRO ROOM is a well-known design studio from Moscow. Their team is good at drawing design inspiration from the lifestyle and attitude of customers. Therefore, every project designed has the distinctive characteristics of its owner and creator, and achieves a balance in this state.

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