The reasons to use natural stone for your bathroom vanity countertops are seemingly endless. They are incredibly beautiful–creating a spa-like area in your home.

Here is a look at three natural stones that are wonderful options for your bathroom vanity countertops:


If you're interested in enjoying an elegant, spa-like bathroom, consider using marble for your bathroom countertops.

Marble is available in a variety of colors that lend themselves naturally to bathrooms, including pale pinks, blues, dramatic blacks and stunning browns. It is one of the softer natural stones, so you'll want to make sure to seal it after it's been installed. But still, it is perhaps the most elegant choice for your bathroom vanity countertops.


For bathrooms that are used by many members of your family, granite makes a lot of sense when it comes to a countertop material. Not only is it incredibly durable and nearly impervious to staining, but it is also resistant to bacteria once it's been sealed. You'll also have a lot of color options. In fact, if there's a color you want, you can probably find a marble slab that meets your needs.


Quartz is not technically an all-natural stone, but it certainly brings an all-natural look and beauty to your countertops. Like other natural stones, quartz is durable, aesthetically stunning and highly resistant to chipping and scratching. Quartz is a perfect option for your bathroom vanity countertops if you are trying to create a crisp, clean look.

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