Natural stone flooring—and if it's good enough for the White House and the Taj Mahal, it has got to be good enough for your home.

If you've ever walked on a natural stone floor, you understand why architects are increasingly calling upon their marble and granite fabricator to have natural stone installed in both palaces and more modest homes.

The first thing everyone notices about natural stone floors is how aesthetically stunning they are. Marble offers a sophisticated look. Granite, with its myriad color options, can add energy to any space. Both elevate every room to new levels of class.

One of the most tangible advantages of natural stone floors is their durability. Granite is especially durable, with its stain, scratch and chip-resistant strength. Both types of stone are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Nothing ruins a room like a giant grape-juice stain in the carpet or paw scratches all across your hardwood floors. With natural stone floors, you don't have to worry about either. In addition to all of the other advantages, one of the things people love about their stone floors is that they are impervious to stains from spills (as long as they are cleaned up quickly) and your pets' claws won't scratch them.

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