hilight.design is a modern studio from Poland, their main project is according to the interior design arrangement and implementation, so they will according to their different goals, at each stage to show the best for customers, and create the functionality and comfort of the whole space, according to their own unique style of goods obtained different customers like.

This Polish apartment has a minimalist design style. The 77-square-meter apartment shows different details and characteristics in the whole space, making the space more atmospheric and comfortable. The overall decoration is more delicate and delicate, and the exquisite design makes the whole space more fashionable.

Choose large area in the living room, can make the whole living room completely shrouded in the arms of the sun, let a person become very bright and open, plus the use of log material, and feel the whole living room is very clear soft gray cloth art sofa plus log color tea table, formed a certain collision on color, also highlight the warmth of the whole space.

The first floor of the apartment is mainly bedrooms, and both parents and children have a bedroom on the first floor. In contrast, the parents' bedrooms are relatively beautifully decorated, and the children are relatively simple, but also full of vitality in the whole space.

In the master bedroom, the designer chose a warm tone to create everyone's space in the space becomes very dynamic, young bedding choose black and white color ornament each other, let this space become more advanced, the emotional bed highlights the artistic quality in the Chinese space.

The choice of white marble certification space in the bathroom becomes very light, luxurious and simple, coupled with the texture of fine lines highlights the different details in the whole space, different metal elements embellished on the space, become very light, luxurious and warm, coupled with the placement of green plants, showing the minimalist style in the whole space.

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