White is a magical color. When used correctly, it can complement any other color or quickly become the center of attention. It also lends light to rooms, makes small spaces appear larger than they are and can be easily incorporated into both classic and contemporary decor.

On the other hand, it can also be a mistake to decorate with white. White granite countertops, for example, can show stains, clash with your cupboards and create awkward color combinations if you are not careful about how you incorporate them into your kitchen.

If you are considering installing white granite countertops in your kitchen–with all their beauty and durability–consider the following three questions:

If you are going to invest in white granite countertops, you are investing in a dramatic look in your kitchen. But one thing is for sure: White will deliver dramatic feelings?

While it is easy to keep your white granite countertops clean, it may take a little more work to keep them looking clean all the time.

One of the great things about white granite countertops in your kitchen is that they provide you with a plethora of decorating ideas. Your white countertops can be incorporated into both classic and contemporary designs. They work well with sleek, cosmopolitan cupboards as well as hand-crafted, traditional cupboards. In other words, once your white granite countertops are installed, you will probably be inspired to change your kitchen's design every few years. So get ready to be creative.

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