When does your countertop space become more than just a place for work? The answer is when your countertops are newly made from ageless, solid and beautiful stone.

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Find out which popular countertop material is the best fit for your living space below.

Granite sits at the top the list of the most desirable kitchen countertop materials - and for good reason. It's incredibly durable, as well as scratch- and heat-resistant. Granite, more than any other material, complements most interior design styles, from classic to contemporary to transitional.

marble countertops offer a level of elegance that can elevate a kitchen's design to a level of luxury many dream of, but few are able to achieve, which is why it might surprise you to learn that marble countertops actually cost less than most granite countertops.

If what you desire are countertops that will distinguish your home from those of your friends and neighbors, consider quartz. Like granite and marble, quartz is a natural stone that adds a level of refined sophistication to your kitchen. Unlike granite and marble, it's not 100 percent natural, since most quartz countertops are manufactured, crushed and combined with a binding agent to prevent cracking and chipping. Quartz is strong, beautiful, stain-resistant and very charming.

And when you're preparing for a renovation, or designing a new home, be sure to contact JSC Stone to transcend the average in kitchen design with one of these unique kitchen countertop materials.

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