Before moving forward with granite, understand the bottom line of what granite will cost to install in your home.

How much do granite countertops cost? - Stone Blog

1. Cost Variables

The overall cost of installing granite countertops in your home depends on the color and pattern you select. Your location also plays a determining role in the cost you will pay for granite.

2. Materials Costs

Granite varies widely in price, depending on the type of granite you choose. Granite comes in many different colors and patterns, some more affordable and others on the high-end of the price scale.

3. Granite Slabs

A higher budget might allow you to choose granite slab for your countertop. This stone is cut from the original granite full slab at the shape and width specified for your home. Full slab granite provides an opportunity to install your kitchen with least possible seams which often adds to the aesthetic appeal of the granite.

4. Installation Costs

Installation of granite countertops involves transporting the stone, preparing the installation site, installing the granite, attaching the under mount sinks, drilling the faucet holes, completing the cook top cutout and cleaning up the project site.

Purchase from a Fabricator who also stocks Granite slabs. You have a good chance of getting great prices from a granite fabricator in your area who also stocks granite inventory.

Although granite is relatively expensive, consider it a lifetime investment in your kitchen or bathroom. If you are looking to install granite countertops, JSC Stone is one of the most reputed granite providers.

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