When many seniors look into countertops for the kitchen, they often choose engineered stone (also known as quartz countertops).

Quartz countertops do not need sealing at all and have very little maintenance requirements. Simple clean with warm water and mild soap is all that you need to keep your quartz countertops clean. Since all brands of quartz countertops are manufactured under controlled conditions, you do not find any natural imperfections or blemishes to bother about.

Generally, you can find engineered surfaces that run through every price range, with some color groups costing more than top-tier granite and others undercutting natural stone. It is possible to find decent quartz countertops at an affordable price range.

Most of the popular quartz countertops come with a 15 year manufacturer warranty. You can enjoy your kitchen or bathroom countertops with peace of mind.

JSC Stone's products are created using natural minerals along with man-made products to make a durable surface with a wide range of looks. Whether you are looking to emulate the veining of a granite or marble surface or want a more flecked look with color combinations that aren’t found in nature, there is a quartz product available for you.

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