Before buying beautiful quartz countertops, measure your current kitchen countertops will help you get an accurate quote to help you understand what the costs of your new countertops will be.

How To Measure for Quartz Kitchen Countertops - Stone Blog

First, begin by sketching out the layout of your kitchen countertops. Include on this design the locations of anything that is set into the counter, such as sinks and cook tops. The ideal is to draw it perfectly to scale with graph paper.

Using a measuring tape, measure from the wall to the edge of the kitchen countertops. Measure the length and width of each counter area and note it on the piece of paper.

Another question is how to clean your quartz countertops. Cleaning quartz countertops doesn't need to take a lot of work. Clean your countertops with a soft, warm, soapy cloth or sponge, similar to something that you would wash dishes with.

Avoid cleaners with acid. This would include any cleaner with lemon, ammonia, or bleach. Also, try to minimize contact between your quartz countertops and foods containing acid such as lemons, soda, tomatoes, etc.

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