A timeless choice for quality countertops, granite and quartz are versatile classic that will look good in any kitchen. The two heavyweights in the kitchen are granite and quartz countertops. But when we talk about countertops, we have to talk about practicality.

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops - Stone Blog

No two natural stones are equal; each one is different. Because granite is a natural stone, it won't look the same throughout the whole slab. Nevertheless, it's always beautiful – it just may not be exactly what you expected. Because granite comes in single slabs, there will be a seam if your countertops have curves or bends. And, since it is natural stone, the seams aren't easy to hide.

Quartz, on the other hand, is engineered and colored. What you see is what you get. Your quartz countertops will look precisely like the sample; there'll be no surprises. And since it is all one color, any seams can be concealed. This benefit allows designers and installers to be more creative.

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