There's one thing you should know about granite countertops. When they come into your home, they are hundreds of thousands of years old already, and the stone will probably last for another thousand years!

If you intend to live in your home for some time before selling, then installing countertops that suit your taste will not only add value, but they will also be enjoyable to live with. Today's buyers love granite counters, and the value of a home is often dependent on the quality of the kitchen.

How Long Granite Countertops Could Last - Stone Blog

Granite is incredibly strong, scratch and stain resistant, and it can take some serious heat – up to 900 degrees F without suffering any damage.

Cutting on granite kitchen countertops won't hurt them at all, but it will hurt your knife. Short of trying to cut granite with a diamond or smashing it with a sledge hammer, it won't break or even crack. Once sealed, granite is easy to maintain. The first sealant is extremely important because the stone is naturally porous, and without sealant, it will stain very easily. And remember, to ensure that your countertops last, it's vital to have them resealed at least once a year.

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