Granite is an exceptionally hard natural stone, but it is possible to damage it if you do not take care of it properly. Protect your granite countertops by using the correct products on it and by avoiding other damaging mishaps.

1. Keep strong chemicals and cleaners away from granite surfaces

Avoid chlorine bleach, abrasive cleaners, ammonia, vinegar and citrus liquids. Damage could occur to the sealant layer on top of the granite with some chemicals.

Use gentle cleaners to keep granite beautiful. Gentle dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water should clean granite efficiently and safely. Plain water and a microfiber cloth will also remove smudges and soiling.

2. Special Liquids to Protect Granite

Special granite cleaners are available which not only clean and shine the granite countertops, but can also replenish the protective sealant. In this way you are protecting your granite countertops without the worry to remember the sealing schedule.

3. Sealing Granite

Maintenance of granite is basic and straightforward. Expect to reseal the surface once each year to protect the surface from stains that could permeate through the sealant.

With a strong sealant covering the granite, cleanup will be easier because the sealant layer will release particles and liquids easily. Test the sealant to see if it's time to seal again. If a droplet of water stays beaded on the surface of the granite, the existing sealant is still effective. If the water absorbs into the stone and the granite looks darker, reapply a fresh coat of sealant.

4. Scratches in Granite

Although it's difficult to scratch granite, it can happen. Another rough piece of granite could scratch a granite countertop. The only things that can scratch granite are objects that are equally hard or harder than granite. If scratches occur, contact a professional for repair to restore the shine.

You might succeed in hiding a shallower scratch by covering it up. Use a permanent marker in a hue that matches the granite and apply the color along the scratch. Wipe the surface of the scratch lightly with denatured alcohol after allowing the permanent marker to dry to remove excess color from the granite.

After fixing the scratch, reapply sealant over the area to protect it from stains and additional damage.

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