We'd like to become your favorite "how-to experts" regardless of where you live. If you've recently invested in a new granite countertop, hopefully you have enjoyed the beautiful design and wonderful finish that it adds to your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops can easily become one of the dirtiest surfaces in your home in just a matter of minutes. You may have young children who leave behind a trail of snacks and juice, be a busy chef who creates a mess while preparing a meal, or find that your personal hobbies have taken over the kitchen countertops. Regardless of the source, it's important to find a solution that will keep your kitchen countertops clean.

The Best Cleaning Supplies for Granite Kitchen Countertops - Stone Blog

Prepare yourself with the right cleaning supplies and materials, and you can be ready for any mess that comes your way.

First, make sure that you own the right kind of cleaning materials and supplies. Water is always a safe and effective choice. There are other options out there, though, that make cleaning even easier. These spray cleaners break down stubborn spills and stains that can't be easily wiped off.

Most of these supplies are very affordable, and in some cases, it may be worth the extra money to ensure you are using quality products that will be safe for your granite countertop. Avoid abrasive materials that may destroy the finish. Before purchasing any products, be sure to read the labels for any useful information.

However, in some cases, water many not be enough. There are a variety of household cleaners that will keep your kitchen countertops clean. These cleaners have additional ingredients that are helpful in tackling even the most difficult messes. Some of the most popular products are disinfectants or have bleach added. These are typically available in both sprays and convenient wipes. Finish your cleaning off with something that has an added scent to keep your kitchen countertops looking and smelling clean.

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