Granite needs to be sealed on a regular basis – how often will depend on how much you use your kitchen, but a good rule-of-thumb is once a year.

For many homeowners facing a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, the process can seem overwhelming. This may be your first experience with the vast world of home improvement, or maybe just your first project involving countertops.

You've spent hours researching different materials and you've decided on granite. Now what? We're here to offer some help with what you should look for when you go shopping for your granite countertops.

First, make sure you go to a showroom. These are going to be your granite countertops in a very personal space.

Second, if you walk into a showroom and all they have to show you are the small tiles of granite, walk out. One sign of a good store or granite supplier will be the large slabs they have on display for your perusal.

Next, keep your kitchen or bathroom in mind when choosing the colors and patterns.

Whether you spent a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars on new kitchen countertops, you likely don't want to have to do it again in the near future. The best way to avoid having to replace them again is knowing how to maintain them. An even better plan is making sure you select the right kitchen countertops for the way you live.

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