Granite has been one of the most popular countertop materials among homeowners and designers alike for years. And it's easy to see why granite is gorgeous!

Let's take look at some granite kitchen countertop options about colors.

Granite Countertops Colors Ideas - Stone Blog

White Granite Kitchen Countertop Option

The best thing about white granite is that it's very versatile. Pure white granite is hard to find as it mostly has black, gray, blue, or red flecks. White granite countertops work well in kitchens with new appliances and trim. You can mix white granite with modern appliances for a contemporary look.

Gold Granite Kitchen Countertop Option

Gold is a popular light granite with slight movement. Small maroon speckles scattered throughout the stone offset the subtle color combination of white, grey, and beige, making it a great options for kitchen's of any style. The extensive countertop space not only provides ample room to prepare and serve meals, but because of its light shade, it also enhances the size of the room.

black granite Kitchen Countertops Option

If you want your kitchen to look elegant, install black granite countertops. Pair them with neutral cabinets for a classic look. They provide subtle elegance and can give a room timeless appeal. While black granite is almost solid black, it has silver specks and sparkles when light hits it.

Anyway, G682 stone countertop is has beome top 10 popular china countertop stone material in USA market for many years. The Red granite stone countertop can do in china, this is chinese marple red granite, it is with stable quality and easy cutting features. Some customer like this material colors, some customer like quality, so the G562 red granite countertop also start has big market now.

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