China granite countertops is a great option for any kitchen or bathroom area. If you are looking for a great value added remodel or design, granite is a great choice!

We are China custom granite countertops factory! No two customers have the same granite countertop for their kitchen or bath. Our design professionals will work with you from start-to-finish; assisting you with layout and design selections, taking measurement details, templating, custom fabricating and installing your distinctive kitchen and bath products. We can even provide you with remodeling contractors that can provide start-to-finish remodeling services for your home.

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If you're interested in our granite countertops, please feel free to contact us! Professional suggestions will be offered to you if there is some problems. First-class service, 7 days 24 hours online.

Today we will tell you how to select the best granite countertops.

Custom granite countertops typically features rich veining, specks, and other unique characteristics, and comes in a wide range of natural colors.

How do you pinpoint one color and say, “That is my granite”? You need to coordinate the cabinet, granite, floor color, and other aspects of your kitchen to achieve your desired result. We suggest you bring a sample of your cabinet door and floor if available, and a picture of the kitchen to match to the granite. The ideal coordination is to select a granite that contrasts enough with the cabinets and the natural speckles should have the hues of the cabinet color.

Along with picking a color, you can also choose a pattern for your granite. Granite comes in three basic patterns: solid, speckled, and marbled. Solid granite has very little variation in its pattern, and it’s a good choice for smaller kitchens where a busy pattern can make the area seem too cramped.

And the choose the right thickness. There are three standard marble thicknesses when it comes to counters. You can choose three-quarter inch, one and one-quarter inch, or one and one-half inch (which is actually two three-quarter inch pieces affixed together.)

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