China countertops could make the kitchen and the bathroom. It's the work surface where you prepare food, eat casual family meals, perhaps even pay bills and help Junior with his homework. And all of the china countertop materials you can buy, stone is the gold standard for both durability and character.

We explain the differences between the various stone types, offer money-saving tips, and cover the basics of stone care in our website. By the end, you'll know what it takes to bring your kitchen, beautifully and dramatically, into the stone age.

China Countertops Buying Guide - Stone Blog

Granite Countertops—The Most Durable

Granite countertops are crafted from beautiful, durable, natural stone. Visually rich and dynamic, they're highly heat-resistant and can stand up to stains and bacteria when properly sealed. And, thanks to their ultra smooth texture, granite is phenomenal for baking preparations, like rolling dough.

marble countertops—The Baker's Favorite

Marble countertops are an excellent choice for bakers since they form an excellent surface on which to work with pastries and dough. While they serve bakers well, marble countertops are not that ideal for conventional kitchens, and for good reason. First, marble as a material is quite prone to chipping and with time the surface may look really unsightly. Secondly, marble is porous, more so than granite, and this calls for more regular sealing if stains are to be prevented.

Quartz Countertops—Typically Maintenance Free

Quartz is another nonporous natural stone countertop option that is the most durable option available. Like granite, quartz resists heat, water, bacteria and stains, but is easier to maintain because you never have to seal it. Quartz countertops have more consistent colors and patterns and are very easy to clean.

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