granite countertops prices will run from $35 to $65 per square foot installed on average depending on the granite color you choose.

But costs could run $80 to $125+ for exotic colors, extra-large slabs, complex fabrication, or unusual installation requirements.

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Usually, the major factor influencing the total cost of granite countertop installation is the cost of the granite slabs. Standard fabrication and installation costs for a given kitchen countertop are somewhat constant and won't change much regardless of the specific granite color chosen.

However, the cost of the particular granite you choose can vary a lot (from $10 sq. ft. up to $200 sq. ft. at the extreme ends) and will have the most dramatic impact on the total cost per square foot.

Factors Influencing Total Cost of Granite Countertops
- Cost of granite color chosen
- Thickness of slab (2cm vs. 3cm)
- Number of sink & cooktop cutouts (1 of each usually included)
- Number of faucet and soap dispenser holes
- Complex shapes (round, triangle) or corners
- Type of edge profile (basic, fancy, laminated)
- Backsplash design (simple 5" vs. slab or tile up to the cabinets)
- Tear out of old countertops
- Difficulty of transportation & delivery (long distance, upstairs)

For example, let's say your installation is "standard" and fabrication / installation will cost $2000. You could choose slabs that cost say $1000 or ones costing $5000 or more. So, total cost could range from $3000 to $7000+ purely due to the price of granite chosen.

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