People spend a lot more time in their kitchens than they do in the bathroom, so they naturally spend more time thinking about those spaces than they do the bathrooms.

Which is exactly why choosing the right bathroom vanity tops is so challenging—and fun. Since not every guest to your home will see your bathroom, there's less pressure on your selection, and you can be more creative.

Here's how to pick the right vanity top for your bathroom:

Are you looking for something functional? Do you want to create a spa-like experience? Or do you want your bathroom to have an identity all of its own? Different bathroom vanity materials and designs work well for different purposes.

Find the right material. Granite is every bit as functional and durable, but it's more sophisticated than tile and elevates your bathroom's overall design and feel to grander levels. Marble is a softer natural stone that requires a bit more maintenance, but it also looks magnificent and can create a spa-like vibe in your bathroom.

Customize it. Think carefully about your vanity's base—glass, metal and wood are all good options. Then think about the number of sinks you want and need—one or two? Make sure the sink faucets and handles work well with your bathroom vanity countertops.

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