Every year I go to the builder's show and see a surprising number of companies exhibiting. When I see a customer who has spent a lot of money and time to visit at a stone fair and seemingly get no results, it makes me wonder if it's really a boondoggle masquerading as a business trip. Is it a chance to visit Las Vegas on someone else's dime?

There are so many more potential customers for China building material manufacturers. I believe the customers they are attracting at the buliding materials who probably intend to buy from China anyway.

With good reason, industrial production in the U.S. is currently growing at a faster rate than the longer term average. Where industrial expansion usually ranges from 0% to 5% growth annually, with a solid average of 2.5%, China's output has been growing in the 3-5% range for almost all of the recent recovery, at least since early 2010. Though America isn't quite at full output yet, it is near its longer term high of 80%. This means the nation is at the point where it needs to seriously consider expanding its capacity by building new factories and expanding its infrastructure from shipping to power supply. This is a good omen for China building materials manufacturers.

Now a better idea would be:

“Learn How to Buy From China.” or “How to Buy High-Quality Products from China.” or “It's Time to Take a Fresh Look at Products From China.”

I believe that there are some Chinese stone factory who make quality products, and could sell more in America. So it is important to choose the right building materials suppliers.

JSC Stone has created a program to insure the quality of stone products, who have export to 50 different countries around the Globe till 2013 like: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, USA, Mexico, UAE, etc. for different projects and stone distributors, this has made us as "Most creditable Supplier" trough cooperation with over 300 customers always providing our factories, technology, skillful man force, warm sales group, at your service anytime for all the products that you need.

JSC Stone has become one of the professional construction and building materials manufacturers and suppliers in China, we sincerely look forward to providing you with our stone products in the near future.

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